Box Packing Tips for Moving 

The moving ceremony, glorious though it may be, can be a stressful ordeal. Schedules must be set in stone and adhered to rigidly. The small ones must be kept busy lest they run amuck. Countless rituals must be executed precisely lest the moving gods be angered. Yet there is one ritual that is often overlooked, and that is the glorious packing of the boxes. This is a very important ritual, as it determines whether fate will smile on your precious belongings or leave them to fall into ruin and despair. And while much lore has been written on the moving ceremony, the packing of the boxes is a little-touched subject.

This manuscript will better help prepare you by detailing several easily-overlooked details that are nevertheless extremely important to the box packing ritual. Below are steps that must be executed both before and during the ritual to ensure that the moving gods are appeased.

Gather the Supply Artifacts

The first important yet overlooked task you must undertake is to gather the necessary items for the box packing. It is advised to dedicate an entire quest to finding these artifacts, the most important being the boxes themselves. These must be of top quality and sturdiness; nothing less is worthy of presenting to the moving gods. And there have been several accounts written of where to find said boxes. It is said that those who make a journey to the Wal Mart may be rewarded with their choice of boxes if they arrive between the hours of 11pm and 1am, during the hour of restocking.

It also helps to consider that boxes that are of the same size will stack upon each other much more elegantly. If you happen to find a set of boxes that stack together well, do not pass them up. Once you have found the boxes, you must also find packing tape, bubble wrap, and a notebook. All of these items are essential to the ceremony, and the notebook will come in handy later on.

Discard Unneeded Items

Once you have found all of the supply artifacts, you must begin placing your belongings into the boxes to begin the box packing ritual. As you go through this sacred dance, you must be careful not to be swayed by the pressures of nostalgia and sentimentality. The boxes are most pure if they are not bogged down by items you no longer need; these unneeded items are better sold or donated to charitable causes. Our strength of will, however, is not always up to this task.

Sometimes, the lure of nostalgia is too much to overcome and you must hold onto an item you will never use. If this happens, you must not unpack it once you reach the destination. This is what the construction of basements and attics is for.

The Box Packing and the Naming Ritual

Once your possessions are sorted through, it is time to place them into the boxes. This is something that must not be done thoughtlessly. Begin by packing the items you will use least; this way, they are on the bottom of the box-tower and will not obstruct more important items from being reached. It is essential that the sturdiest of all the boxes are reserved for the heaviest items. This way, their full potential is not wasted. It is also written that the boxes must be filled completely; the items within are what gives a box strength, and it must be strong to withstand being stacked. Also, be sure to properly protect fragile items with the bubble wrap or another suitable protection material.

Then, you must proceed with the box-naming ritual. You must give each box a name based on the items it holds within. This is where the notebook comes in handy; the scribes of old recommend that each box is given a number with notes of its contents written alongside this number in the notebook. You must also add the label “fragile” onto all items that can be broken. Lastly, although it is usually recommended to fill boxes completely, this becomes counter-effective if the box becomes to heavy. If this begins to happen, you must fill the remainder of the box’s space with light items such as the stuffed animals.

The Loading of the Truck

Once your boxes are all in proper order and labeled with precision, it’s time to prepare them for the loading of the truck. This is when your packing tape will be needed. Generosity will be rewarded here as misfortune will befall those who skimp on tape. wrap the boxes, especially the heavy ones, tightly in layers of tape to ensure their journey to the promised land is safe and without interruption. The boxes must be taken care of.

But preparing them for the truck is not the end. They must be placed in the truck in the right way lest the moving gods be angered. It is important to place the heaviest boxes on the bottom to ensure that the lighter ones point upwards towards the heavens. Fragile items must be held in high regard, both figuratively and literally. But this majestic box-tower must not be too tall. Just as Icirrus’ wings melted off as he got too close to the glory of the sun, so the boxes will be crushed by their own weight if they are built up too high. The boxes must remain humble.


The box-packing ritual is a difficult one, but it is rewarding once you complete a glorious truck full of elegantly packed boxes for the appeasing of the moving gods. If they are pleased, once you reach the promised land, they will reward you by making the unloading of your belongs go by much more smoothly. But, even with all of the lore described above, it can still be a difficult task to complete the box-packing ritual on your own.

If you need assistance with this ritual, there are groups of mercenaries that are willing to provide assistance in return for gold. Of these, many tales have been told of the great accomplishments of the Texas State Movers, a band of moving assistance mercenaries operating out of the regions of Dallas or Fort Worth in the realm of Texas. It is advisable to look them up if you are in the area and planning to begin a moving ceremony.

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