Guitar Strumming Techniques

I’ve been trying to teach myself to play guitar for a while now… It’s been a slow progression, but I’m finally able to play some basic songs, and it feels wonderful! I’m not great by any stretch, but after I learned a few stroke techniques and some scales/arpeggios, I’ve found that I can play (basic, […]

Harmful Effects of Hard Water

More likely than not, the water coming out of every pipe in your home is hard water. Hard water is the is any water containing significant amounts of minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, lime and chalk. This stands in contrast to soft water, which is purified water without significant mineral content. Hard water seems normal […]

Box Packing Tips for Moving 

The moving ceremony, glorious though it may be, can be a stressful ordeal. Schedules must be set in stone and adhered to rigidly. The small ones must be kept busy lest they run amuck. Countless rituals must be executed precisely lest the moving gods be angered. Yet there is one ritual that is often overlooked, […]

Deciding If You Should Get Contact Lenses

Earlier this week a friend and I were talking about whether or not she should get contact lenses.  I told her she definitely should, but we did some research to see if they were really a good fit for her.  I had always thought that contacts were a good fit for everyone, but it turns […]

Choosing the Right Non-Denominational Church

The proliferation of churches in recent times has continued to soar at a very high rate. In some parts of the world where Christianity is the dominant religion, there is hardly any street corner without one church denomination or the other. In the midst of this high rate of proliferation of denominational churches, there are […]

Screen-Printing, embroidery, and more…

Rivercity is a screen printing and embroidery company located in Austin and San Marcos, TX, covering the areas of Austin Sab Marcos, San Antonio, and the surrounding areas. specializes in custom embroidery, custom logos, and screen printed apparel, and offer a wide variety of items for customization, including shirts, pens, bags, drink ware, and more. […]