Essential Items to Bring on a Long Flight

I recently went on a long flight with some friends and it was quite an experience. The vacation was great, but the flight? Not so much… To say we were unprepared for such a long haul through the skies is an understatement. So the day before our flight back, I took some time to research how to make our flight back more enjoyable. I found a couple of great resources and chose my top 5 favorite ideas.
However, improving one’s mood on these long flights may mean different things for different personalities. Some like to be prepared, some like to be relaxed, and some just like to sleep. No matter the personality type reading this article, there are a few basics that can make long-haul flights a little less daunting to the spirit of travel. After all, travel starts when one gets on the plane! Even long flights can be memorable if done correctly.
1. Noise Control
We’ve all been there: screaming children (whether our own or others)or over enthusiastic passengers who couldn’t care less about who hears their conversations.
Noise cancelling headphones are great for alleviating this issue. Find a model that can be charge via usb. For ease of handling, look for tangle resistant cords and compact carrying cases. For extra ease of mind, it might be wise to pair this purchase with a few ambient noise soundtracks. Think oceanic white noise or even tropical forest sounds.
2. Travel Warmth
Its swell to look good and feel comfort during a flight. We might don our tightest tailored dress or men might want to be comfortable in short shorts and tanks. There is broad spectrum when it comes to preferred flight wardrobes. However, once in flight, in comes the dreaded hour or truth: it gets really cold after a few hours or so of sedentary flight. We don’t want to wear a cardigan everywhere we go, however travel blankets are usually compact and won’t have half the germ content of a airline provided blanket.
3. Neck Pillows
This is one of the worst things about long flights. Neck alignment is important, and will get pretty difficult the long one is on a flight sitting in an upright position. Taking a quality nap means having the proper neck alignment. For those who need to get their naps just right, check out neck pillows that use memory foam or firmer materials for added comfort.
4. Antibacterial Spray
This is a given. People on flights are at the greatest risk at catching a bug. This is because there is literally a matrix of different germs from different geographies on a plane! If you are one of those who gets sick upon travelling, you’ll want to stock up on antibacterial spray for hands. This is good to put on before eating in-flight, and also after using the bathroom. Pair these with vitamins for a mood boost.
5.Reading Materials
All those bookmarked articles and books get the center stage during travel. During long flights you have the opportunity to make every moment count. While sleep will likely overtake the best of us all, it is almost impossible to sleep through the totality of a flight, even if it is only five hours long. Bring at least a couple of books, and maybe a few articles to beat travel boredom.
Huge thanks to the following posts that helped make our long flight home much more enjoyable:

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